Hascat SafetyCHAS Accreditation

Most CHAS applications fail because individual companies do not have access to competent advice. You are expected to provide risk assessments and method statements for work undertaken and provide details of your health and safety policy together with your sources of competent health and safety advice as required by the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999.

HASCAT Safety can assist with your application by providing the paperwork you need. For a modest fee we can be your source of competent advice and will provide telephone support; alternatively we can provide a complete Safety Advisor Service.


Health & Safety Management System

We can produce a Health & Safety Management System that includes health and safety policy and procedures, plus General Risk Assessment bespoke to your business and designed to be used in managing workplace health and safety.


Health & Safety Policy & Procedures

We will write a Health & Safety Policy, tailored to your business and fully compliant with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are seen as a cornerstone of good health and safety. They are both a legal necessity and requirement of your insurance company.


General Risk Assessment

A general risk assessment is carried out by inspecting the workplace and work activities to assess the risks to health and safety and the measures required to control those risks. This general risk assessment may identify the need for additional risk or task-specific assessments.


Task Specific Risk Assessment

Task-specific risk assessments are a legal requirement. We will work with you to establish the most cost effective methods, with minimum of disruption to your work.


Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment helps you identify the fire hazards and risks in your workplace.


Display Screen Assessment

Identifies the areas where action needs to be taken to mitigate the risk of injury.


Accident Investigation

Following a workplace accident, a timely, structured and appropriate accident investigation is essential. We can carry out accident investigations and provide reports that include recommendations for addressing the causes of an accident, with the intention of reducing the risk of further accidents.


Contractor Vetting

We can assist in your contractor approval, checking their health and safety process to reduce both your liability and risk of workplace accidents.


Health & Safety Audits & Reviews

We can carry out a range of Audits & Reviews to provide objective assessments of an organisation's health and safety systems and performance. We will produce a report to be presented to senior management or external interested parties, such as insurance companies.


Employee Induction

Induction of new employees is seen by the enforcing authorities as the first step to reduce risk to your employees. We can assist you in producing an Induction Process bespoke to your needs.


Face Fit Testing

If your employees use face masks, employers are required to ensure they fit the user. We offer a qualitative face-fitting service.


Employee Health & Safety Handbook

As part of the induction process, employees need to be provided with basic information on a company's health and safety. We can, in partnership with you, develop a handbook to meet your needs. The handbook can also be used to inform and refresh health and safety for existing employees.


Noise at Work Assessment

We can provide specialist personnel to conduct a noise survey and report on the noise levels within your business.


Air Quality and Emission to Air Testing

We can provide specialist personnel to conduct and report on air quality in your work areas and emissions to air.


Asbestos Risk Management

We can provide approved asbestos surveying and testing specialists to conduct an asbestos survey and register.


Hand Arm Vibration

If your staff use hand held equipment that produces vibrations during use, (i.e. grinders, sanders, etc) we can supply a specialist to check and report on your employees' exposure.


Lift Truck Pre-use Check Record

The pre-use checking of lift trucks is not only good practice but expected by the enforcing authorities. We can provide low cost booklets, each containing 16 weeks of records.